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We don’t just make videos. Our full-range video production services help clients forge connections, inspire action, and tell memorable stories that people can relate to and rally behind.

In a word, we create experiences. Whether it’s a brand culture spotlight, cause-related video projects, video testimonials, animated videos, or short films (to name only a few possibilities), it’s the story that makes the experience possible. Because behind every brand, there’s a purpose, a cause, a reason for being. That’s the story, and the story is what people care about the most.

Our Process

Video Production Discovery


We want to understand the why before determining the what. This is where we align on objectives, deadlines, and deliverables and discuss creative needs and strategy considerations.

Video Pre-Production

Video Pre-Production

From here, we’ll select a concept, establish a project timeline, iron out logistics, and work up scripts and storyboards.

Video Production Casting & Talent

Casting & Talent

We cast and select perfect-fit talent that reflects and resonates with your target viewer and handle all of the details to ensure a seamless process.

Video Production Location


Whether in-studio or on-location for a full commercial or a simple interview, we make securing the ideal setting easy, and get our eyes on the ground before going into video production.

Video Production Gear & Equipment

Gear & Equipment

We offer industry-leading gear and the latest cameras, lights, and video production equipment to ensure your visual assets will stand out amongst the crowd.

Video Production Crew

Production Crew

Our video production crew provides the experience and expertise necessary to ensure a smooth day of production and an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and at ease.

Video Post-Production

Video Post-Production

At this stage, we’re ready to bring the vision together, with full-suite post solutions, from professional video editing, color, and audio, to motion graphics, VFX, and animation.

Brand Videos

Brand Video Production

We combine data-focused strategy and visually arresting creative to make memorable brand videos that inspire and engage, helping to convert target viewers into brand advocates and evangelists.

Social Media Video Production

Turn a day of video production into a content calendar full of eye-catching media assets to reach and stay in touch with your community long after the shoot is wrapped. We help brands leverage shoot days for optimal impact by planning for social deliverables during pre-production.

Social Media Videos


Corporate Communications

Inspire and align the workforce, drive new sales and growth, and attract ideal talent to represent your mission and message. We’re trusted by a wide range of clients from diverse industries to produce purpose-driven messaging and engaging media experiences that align carefully with unique business goals and requirements.

Advocacy & Cause Campaigns

We take pride in making videos that make a difference. That’s why we work with nonprofits, charitable organizations, government agencies, NGOs, universities, and companies with sustainable missions to produce advocacy and cause campaigns that create real impact for social and environmental good.


Up-Creative Video Production Clients
Up-Creative Video Production Services Clients

Our Promise

To serve with integrity and represent your brand and story with purpose and passion. Before ever developing an idea or turning on a camera, we make sure we have a full-picture view of exactly what needs to be done to meet and exceed your needs.

To be a versatile video production and creative resource. We stay focused on your needs and are happy to help at any stage of a project cycle.

To be a one-stop resource for the handling of all those not-so-little, little details. We offer the peace of mind of knowing you have a reliable partner with demonstrated experience that can handle everything from concept to delivery.

To communicate clearly and listen actively. We articulate ideas, needs and anticipated workflow and make sure we’re synced on timeline, milestones and deadlines before ever getting started and always deliver ahead of schedule.

To be a true thought partner. We like to keep it simple and transparent and won’t use confusing technical jargon to communicate key ideas… or anything else for that matter.

To provide real-world experience and expertise for an optimal video production environment. We understand the importance of scene and setting and are expert at creating an optimal environment of respect, comfort and trust that translates to final visual assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should organizations use professional video production services?

Taking advantage of professional video production services such as those offered by UP Creative allows both companies and nonprofits to communicate their core values and visions in a clear and compelling manner that will resonate with their unique target audiences. High-quality videos, award-winning creative work, and technical expertise is beneficial in helping you to increase brand engagement and connect with your target audiences on the specific platforms where they most frequently interact.

What types of video content can UP Creative produce?

As an experienced video production agency with over 10 years of demonstrated success, we create a wide range of video content, including live action filming for digital video production and commercial video production, animated videos, explainer videos, product videos, video testimonials, and advocacy and awareness campaigns.

Our team of video experts has the creative skills and industry expertise to handle any kind of video project.

How does video content fit into our overall marketing strategy?

In 2024, with the continued rise of social media and video sharing platforms, organizations put themselves at risk by not taking advantage of these platforms as essential tools for advertising and marketing products and services. Perhaps most importantly, video allows brands to stay relevant, in touch, and engaged with their target audiences.

In 2023, over 91% of marketers utilized video content in their advertising and marketing campaigns. And 96% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

Video content is a powerful tool in your marketing strategy, as long as it is backed by a clear strategy and consistent execution, which includes establishing what key performance indicators will ensure a successful production and/or campaign, before moving to the video production stage. Video marketing can effectively drive engagement, increase product sales, boost website traffic, and increase brand awareness. High-quality work produced by an experienced production and creative partner can help you achieve your marketing goals by effectively delivering your message to your targets where they already engage others with similar interests.

What is the process of creating videos with UP Creative?

We pride ourselves in making things easier, not more difficult, for our clients and partners. When you have a defined idea, we help you to successfully achieve it. When you need help with creative concepts, we love to dig in and provide genuine thought partnership to create something truly unique and special with and for you.

Our process involves several stages after initial contact. We begin with a discovery process that allows us to fully understand your needs and goals (it’s not painful…we even make it fun!) From there, we move to video pre-production, which includes aligning on a creative concept, discussing talent and location, developing scripts, and creating storyboards. Now we’re ready to make magic and capture the raw footage that will be used in our finished videos. After that, we move into the post-production process, including video editing, color correction/grading, and audio mixing/mastering. Depending on the project, post-production may also include writing an original music score, adding motion and/or text graphics, or building animated elements into the live action footage. Finally, we deliver final cuts to you that are ready for distribution to your target audiences.
UP Creative is not only a trusted creative and production partner for companies and nonprofits. We also have deep experience executing paid advertising strategies and campaigns. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you with your video advertising campaigns and to receive case studies and client testimonials.

What resources does UP Creative bring to a project?

At UP Creative, we have a full in-house team and resources for end-to-end video production. This includes project management and production coordination, scriptwriting, camera operation, lighting, art and concept design, and video editing, to name a few of the key elements. We focus on producing high-quality videos that reflect our client's brand and story with authenticity and purpose.

What are some of the ways my company can use professional video production services?

UP Creative can help you create video assets to effectively communicate your unique value proposition(s) to your target audiences, with measurable results. We understand the importance of video marketing and the impact of a video testimonial, brand story, or documentary, to name just a few possibilities. Our high-quality, broadcast TV commercials offer a traditional yet potent advertising avenue, and our digital and OTT video ads provide a next level of insights into viewer engagement and trends, leading to better intel which is leveraged to continually refine and gain better results with your target audiences.

Recognizing the need for content that can be used across different platforms, we ensure versatility in our videos, whether they're intended for your website, social media, CTV, or other video marketing efforts. With UP Creative's professional video production services, your message is communicated effectively, helping your company stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

What is the quality of your final product?

Our commitment to quality is paramount. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality videos that are polished, professional, and effective in conveying your message. Our professional video editors ensure that the final cut meets the highest industry standards.

We are always more than happy to share client testimonials and case studies. A key to any successful partnership or client relationship is achieving a high level of trust and comfort. We recommit ourselves daily to serving as true partners to our clients and value communication and mutual respect above all else.

How can our organization start working with UP Creative?

We're excited to begin working with you! To begin the process, contact us through our website or give us a call. We'll discuss your vision and goals and how our video production services can bring your vision to life.