Non-Profit Video Production Columbus Ohio

Video For Good

Making videos that make a difference.

We create purpose-focused videos for companies and non-profits that stand up for big ideas and take pride in partnering with clients that align with our own values and commitment to positive social and environmental impact.

We call it Video for Good.


Hashtag It. Share It. Shout It From the Rooftops.

We make videos that make a difference. Because, as we have it, it’s not enough just to bring awareness to important messages and causes. We believe it’s critical to amplify these messages and causes and we’re passionate about using the power of authentic storytelling to inspire meaningful cultural change.

We help non-profits and NGO’s, government organizations and charitable foundations, and universities and businesses with sustainable missions to break down barriers, inspire important conversations and convert casual viewers into brand advocates and cultural change agents.

Up Creative Non-Profit Video Production Clients
Up Creative Non-Profit Video Production Clients

Let us tell your unique story in a way that resonates, engages and inspires people to take action, to get involved, to be a part of the shared solution. We get excited at the opportunity to inspire transformative change with visually arresting assets and authentically crafted narratives, delivered with purpose and intentionality. We also understand the growing demands that today’s interconnected economy places on both companies and non-profits in terms of effectively communicating aligned values and missions with target audiences at all relevant touch points.

We have expertise in today’s digital media landscape and are passionate about harnessing its unlimited potential, not only to drive results for our valued clients, but also to inspire positive and sustainable impact for society, the environment and the global community.