Video Production Company Columbus Ohio

Up Creative

A client-centric, results-focused, video production company that likes to get creative, too.

UP Creative is a versatile video production company focused on helping our clients and partners build brand equity, inspire meaningful connections, and achieve business goals through the universal language of visual storytelling.

Video Production + Full Creative

We develop an original concept based on your unique requirements, handle all aspects of creative and video production, and deliver final assets ready to go live to the world.

White Label Video Production + Creative

We become an extension of your team and provide all of our services under your umbrella. From concept development and client briefs to video production coordination, live filming, and full-suite post-production, we make the process seamless and prioritize communication above all else.

Video Production Company Columbus Ohio

Branded Videos

Web + Social

Brand Stories & Mini-Docs • Product / Service / Event Promos • Digital & Social Shorts • Live Event Sizzle Recaps • Testimonials & Interviews

Video Production Services Columbus Ohio


Messaging Strategy + Discovery
Concept Development
Content Strategy
Scripting + Storyboarding
Art Direction + Design
Set Design + Build


Concept Selection
Project Timeline
Scripting + Storyboards
Scheduling + Logistics
Location Scout + Permitting
Talent + Casting
Voiceover Casting

Video Production

Live Action Filming for Digital + Broadcast
Multi-Cam / Live Streaming
Live Event Production
Full Studio Production
Production Coordination
Industry Leading Equipment
Style + Hair + Makeup
Fully Bonded and Insured


Full-Suite Editing Services
Color Correction + Grading
Audio Mixing + Mastering
Original Scores + Sound Design
Motion Design + Graphics
2D + 3D Animation
VFX Development + Design
Translation Services

Grow. Connect. Inspire.

Elevated Production for Forward-Thinking Brands

Company Overviews • Brand Culture Spotlights • Executive / Employee / Customer Interviews • Investor / Employee / Community Relations • Recruitment Videos

Story-focused. Strategy-driven.

We create branded media experiences for commercial, corporate, and non-profit clients that are all about forging meaningful connections with their targets. The purpose at the heart of every brand is what makes those authentic connections possible, and communicating purpose through the universal language of visual storytelling drives measurable business results.

From creative concept development to full-suite post-production services, our team works with clients ranging from emerging brands and startups to companies in the Fortune Global 500. We also serve as a reliable video production company and creative partner for some of the country’s leading advertising and communications agencies.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with an outpost in New York City, we maintain an experienced creative and video production crew that is ready to mobilize for any production, anywhere, on quick demand.

Non-Profit Video


Sustainability • Social Impact • Environmental Protection / Justice / Advocacy • Corporate Social Responsibility • Renewable Energy

Video Production Company Columbus Ohio Testimonial

Working with Up Creative is all about thought partnership. When you already have a vision, they work hard to make sure you achieve it. When you need help with ideas, they’re incredibly creative and can help there, too. They listen, ask questions and always deliver ahead of schedule. If you’re looking for a creative video production partner that gets the big picture, look no further.

Dennis Kaps
Vice President Talent Acquisition, Safelite

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to consider when hiring the right creative video production company?

Look for video production companies with a strong portfolio of high-quality video, experience filming videos and telling stories within your industry, and a creative team skilled in the latest technologies. Creativity is only of value to your organization if it is paired with an understanding of your unique goals, vision, and business requirements. Be sure to make the most of every marketing dollar by engaging a video production company that will partner with you to achieve results that will move you confidently into the future. Experience and results matter. It's essential to work with a production partner that aligns with your values and has a track record of successful partnerships.

Why is it important to choose a local video production company?

Choosing a local video production company, like UP Creative based in Columbus, Ohio, allows you to work closely with the team throughout the planning and production process. UP Creative has creative staff and production crew with deep experience in the local markets we serve, including Columbus, Ohio and New York City. Our team takes pride in the cities we serve, and has familiarity with the unique vibe, energy, and diverse culture of the places we live, work, and play. We have served the Columbus, Ohio market since 2014, and the New York City market since 2017, working with a wide range of locally based companies and nonprofits with regional and national reach. We also highly value supporting and partnering with local startups looking to grow their organizations into the future.

How can I ensure the video production company I hire will create engaging content for my audiences?

Make sure to work with a creative partner and video production company that has a proven track record of success, and critically, one that understands the latest trends with regard to content production and content strategy. UP Creative takes pride in helping our clients and partners to make the most of every single day of production. We use the pre-production phase to make sure that we clearly establish what a successful video or campaign equals for your company. Then, we create a plan for capturing footage that can be multi-purposed and used across a variety of platforms. We call it “content mapping.” One of the primary advantages of working with UP Creative is that we help our clients strategize and execute to make sure that all of the footage is usable and effective. Too often, companies end up wasting resources on an unstructured day of production. Be sure to request samples of any prospective partner’s previous work and request client testimonials. Look for a company that focuses on storytelling and has experience creating content that connects with your target audience.

What services should I expect from a high-quality creative studio specializing in video production?

Expect services such as storyboarding, scriptwriting, filming, editing, sound design, motion graphics, and distribution strategy. The team should also be skilled in various media formats and have access to talented designers, photographers, and videographers. Critically, select a video production company and creative agency that will serve as a true thought partner; one that will move the needle for you and help you to explore all of the options available to you within your budget allowances.

How do I communicate my business goals and brand message effectively to the video production team?

Schedule an initial meeting or call to discuss your goals, target audience, preferred style or tone for the video, and any specific events or themes you want to highlight. Provide examples of other brands and videos that inspire you that can serve as an example of how your story could be told.

What role does collaboration play when working with video producers during the creative process?

Collaboration is essential to bring your vision to life while utilizing your production partner’s expertise and experience in storytelling and technical aspects of video production. An open line of communication and mutual trust helps ensure your company’s values are brought to life, and your message is translated effectively on screen.

How can I measure the success of the video produced by a creative video production company?

Success can be measured by engagement with your target audience, increased product sales or donations, increased brand awareness, and meeting key performance indicators like website traffic, lead generation, or social media growth. Discuss your goals and desired outcomes with the video production company to ensure they create a product tailored to achieving those objectives. UP Creative has helped companies and nonprofits to create highly successful video campaigns, including paid advertising campaigns, advocacy campaigns, and brand awareness initiatives. Be sure to work with a production company that can point you to real-world results, and a creative team that understands how video marketing and advertising provides next-level insights into intelligence that can be leveraged to continually improve your campaign results.